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Tokaj Wine Region


Naming TOKAY is of Slavic origin derived from "STOKAY" in the figurative sense it is the confluence of two rivers, the river Bodrog and Tisza rivers.

Tokaj wine region lies in the Lower Zemplín in the northeastern corner of Slovakia. It follows a wine region, most of which are located in Hungary.

This area is also the smallest and most attractive wine-growing region of Slovakia. It consists of the southern slopes of the Zemplén hills planted with vines after two millennia. Belong to her village Bara, Čerhov, Blacks, Little Tŕňa, Slovak New City, United Tŕňa and Viničky.

Tokay area is one of the few areas in the world where the grown grapes for the production of natural sweet wines. The Tokaj wine is said to be the elixir of eternal youth. Generally, the Tokaj wines claim to have medicinal properties. The beginnings of wine-growing in the field are known from the period of domination of the Romans, when the region was part of Pannonia. After the fall of the Roman Empire continued to grow grapes Slavs. Great merits in the development of viticulture in this area are attributed to Italian settlers in the 13th and 14 century, who brought new here growing experience, but also on variety Tokaji Furmint.
From the time of the Turkish wars in the 16th - 17 century comes most Tokay cellars, which were completed as shelters people and property from marauding armies.

Gradually improving production technology and Tokay wines until 1560, the Latin-Hungarian dictionary Fabricius Balázs meet the deadline cibeba (raisins), which is a favorable weather and climatic conditions, specifically, are in Tokaj varieties infected by noble rot Botritis cinerea Persoon.

putnaTokaj first choice (from Hungarian "aszú" or "wine putňový") made for Easter in r.1650 in sepsis Sárospatak Laczko mate for the widow of George I. Rákoczi Zuzana Lórantffyovu. Already in 1655 was enacted in Hungary collecting raisins / grapes / and it was actually the base technology of the Tokaj wines.

Memorable chapter of history Tokay wine is associated with the names of famous people who consume this wine. Tokaj wine on board was not allowed to miss any monarch, king, emperor or prince. Najvychýrenejšími in this regard were the Russian tsars, who were in the cellars of tsar in St. Petersburg precious years old Tokay. Among the admirers of Tokaj wines were also Anatole France, Voltaire, Cromwell, Napoleon and even Louis XIV. During this period, Tokaj wine got adjective - Vinum Regumat - reg vinorum, which in the Slovak language means the wine of kings - the king of wines.

strapec hrozna s cibébamiOn the specific and unique taste of Tokaj wine has its share of both heavy sunlight, but also land on which the vines grow. Soil forming rocks of volcanic origin, which can accumulate heat very well. Very important role of weather, long sunny autumn, which will enable aged berries attacked noble Borytris cinerea mold, and dried berries that remain cibeba - raisins, without which the Tokaj wine quality can not be manufactured. Basis for the production of Tokaj wines are by centuries tried grape varieties - Furmint, Muscat Lipovina and yellow, which must be used in a defined ratio. Other specificities include the original technological process of production and maturation of wines.

Today's world-famous Tokaj wine production continues a rich tradition of Enology and Viticulture in the Slovak part of the Tokaj region. Excellent reputation in Slovak Tokaj wine shows a large amount of gold and silver medals in major international competitions. Visiting Tokaj region, with old wine cellars where you can taste the genuine Tokay wines matured in wooden barrels for several years, is an experience to remember.

Tokaj Wine

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